Hawkeye Gamers Club Membership

Hakweye Gamers Club membership including officers is limited to current Hawkeye Community College students.

However, you may still attend the events organized by Hawkeye Gamers Club. Many of the attendees to events are former officers of Hawkeye Gamers Club. You must be 18 to attend the events, and no exceptions allowed.


We offer two types of events plus a weekly meeting.

LAN Parties

Our first type of event we do what is called a LAN Party. This is an overnight 24 hour event. We get together and play all kinds of games on PCs, consoles and table top. During these events we offer up points to earn. The points system is a way of rewarding participation at our events for chances to win prizes at our 48 Hour LAN Party. We offer chances to play competive game with others either against others at the event or randoms online.

Board Game Night

Our second type of event is a board game night. This event we get together just play board and card games. This event runs from 3pm to midnight.

Weekly Meetings

Meetings are 3 pm on Tuesdays in either MJ's office (B112) or in BH121 (PC Room). In our meetings, we plan for all of our events.